You just think of eating Ejiao, in fact, these ingredients are better to replenish blood.

Anemia is extremely common.Even if you are cautious, anemia will occur.We will say that women are prone to anemia, and they are indeed very common in life in life.Anemia needs to be eased scientifically, and once the harm caused by anemia will be great.It affects the face and hurts the body, it is bad.

If anemia occurs, blood must be replenished.Some blood supplement ingredients make you look at it.Many people say that eating Ejiao can nourish blood.In fact, you need to pay more attention to eating these blood supplement ingredients. If you are not careful, you may have traps. In fact, you start with these ingredients.

sugar cane

You said that eating red dates and blood, in fact, the best blood supplement ingredients are sugar cane.Sugarcane has the reputation of the king of blood, especially the iron content, ranking first in fruit.To this end, people call sugar cane: blood supplement.These iron elements can enter the blood, promote hematopoiesis, and are very good for blood production.

how to eat?

Sugarcane is best to drink.Raw sugarcane juice can promote digestion. Sugarcane can enter the lungs and stomachs.After heating it, drinking can also benefit the spleen and stomach.


Don’t drink white wine to eat sugarcane, easy to produce sputum.Do not drink wine after eating sugarcane, which will affect the body’s absorption of copper.


From time to time, the beauty of beautiful women will cook soup from time to time and boil a little Tremella soup. It is also excellent to think of it.The beauty effect of Tremella does not need to be described too much.In particular, the ability to nourish blood is not weaker than other foods, and compared with pork liver, it is also unwilling to give up.

how to eat?

Generally speaking, for Tremella and red dates, make silver -ear red dates porridge, so that this can better play its blood supplementation effect.


Many women will say that drinking more white fungus during the physiological period. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because women bleed more in the physiological period, and drinking Tremella soup will not replenish blood. On the contrary, it will hinder platelet condensation, causing unnecessary trouble.

Pork liver

It is not necessary to eat vegetarian categories, and cream can also be eaten, such as pork liver.Women eat blood liver to replenish blood, which is very good to absorb iron elements, improve yellowing, and eat good qi and blood.

how to eat?

Pork liver and spinach are a good combination that can absorb pork liver nutrition and promote the release of spinach nutrition.If you feel insufficient qi and blood, you might as well make a bowl of pork liver spinach soup to adjust your body.


Of course, pork liver has toxin after all, and has high cholesterol. When eating, you must pay attention not to eat more patients with three highs.Click on the blue word to learn more about the three high and small common sense: it can be called the "three high -star" it, clearing heat and detoxifying, I have to watch it ~

Black sesame

Generally, black and red food can play a role in nourishing blood, as well as black sesame seeds, which is effective for nourishing blood and beauty.In terms of iron content, it is twice the pork liver. The consumption of porridge can fully absorb the effectiveness of sesame.

how to eat?

When you eat sesame seeds, you can cook porridge, you can cook it, or you can wear it into powder to make a sesame paste. Compared with the sesame paste sold in supermarkets, it has another mellow fragrance.


After all, there is a lot of oil in sesame. When eating, it is very good for lubricating intestines. People with diarrhea should not eat for the time being, so as not to aggravate diarrhea.

Regarding so much blood, these foods are comparable to Ejiao, and the price is low. You may wish to eat some, promote physical regulation, and avoid big trouble.

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