You need to understand these matters in Shanghai. Do you know these processes?

Foreign -fighting workers in Shanghai, drifting in the blink of an eye for a few years, came to the age of the baby. When I knew that my wife was pregnant, I was still very happy, so I started to search some of the precautions of pregnant women, Baidu’s things can not be eaten, those things can not be eaten, those of those things can not be eaten, those things can not be eaten, those of those things can not be eaten.Can’t drink …, because it is so stupid in all aspects … haha, then summarize some of them. You will be a friend of your dad to take a good book to study!

When men are serious, they are so handsome

I sorted out the file according to the process we experienced

With a detailed explanation in these processes, I believe that I will no longer fall into a state of confusion, I don’t know what to do first.

Some details that need to be done in the early stage

To handle the size card process, these need to be clear

Small cards are to establish a health manual in the community where they live. The information is generally a marriage certificate, ID card, all previous pregnancy checklists, residence permits (this one is different according to different regions in Shanghai), etc. Remember that this must be 12 weeks ago 12 weeks agoTo handle

The big card is to go to the hospital for a file. You need to bring a small card, ID card, and bank card. It is best to bring one. The pregnancy check -ups are at their own expense. Just apply for a card directly.The map above the specific process has explained.

Let’s pay attention to it!When you go for the first time, you must bring some sweets, because the first time you need to draw a lot of blood, there are still a lot of inspection items.But it’s also very expensive, haha!

Know in advance

There may be questions about questions

1. What should I do if I have not applied for a residence permit or I have not yet applied?

This is different according to the requirements of different districts in Shanghai. Some areas are not needed. You can first call the local community. The Sixth Academy is not compulsory.But there is still time to do it, and you need to use it when you get a maternity allowance in the future.

2. Do not prepare to be born in Shanghai, do you need to build a card in Shanghai?

Even if you are not born in Shanghai, you need to build a file, just tell the hospital, so you do n’t need to make an appointment to make a bed. Besides, you will pay the social security in Shanghai.Fertility allowances.

Go to the hospital in the future, be sure to make an appointment in advance!IntersectionIntersection

At present, my wife has been pregnant for about 13 weeks. It can be said that the initial process has gone. As of today, all the inspection reports have been taken out to let the doctor look at it, everything is normal!hey-hey!

I got up at six in the morning, sorted out the previous report and brought the information we needed. Since we live in Xujing Town, the nearest Trina Hospital is the Sixth People’s Hospital of Shanghai.After all, this family is a three -hospital hospital, and the qualifications of various medical equipment and doctors are still trustworthy.However, it took about half an hour to take a taxi time for more than ten kilometers. It was almost eight o’clock in the hospital, but when we registered, it was already ranked 76th. This basically lined up in the morning.

There are many people, so be sure to make an appointment online in advance

well!The big hospital really has a lot of people. Sure enough, it was waiting in the morning, and it was only in the afternoon! I thought the last doctor had made an appointment to the last time, and the result was naive!IntersectionIntersectionThe doctor just gives an appointment on this day, and will not give a specific time!Remember to make an appointment in advance next time!IntersectionIntersection

Babies grow up slowly, healthy and healthy, and tiredness is also a kind of happiness!I look forward to it!

Follow -up will be raised to the grandmother, and then continue to report!hey-hey

If you need the above thinking map, you can make a private message, and the results of Baidu at first!


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