Young women have two boyfriends, but after pregnancy, they do not know the child’s biological father: drinking is wrong

Since the TV series "Thirty" was broadcast, everyone has a new name for the scumbag -Neptune, which describes a lot of ambiguous relationships in a man.The two are in love, but in the eyes of men, this is just dew.

This method of deceiving is also cast aside the practice of falling in love with many opposite sex. Therefore, everyone hates this behavior in both film and television works.In today’s society, everyone has become a sea king who has been ambiguous with multiple opposite sex at the same time.

It can be seen that the tradition of most of us is still very thoughtful. If you can’t do one person in your lifetime, you must be loved at least in a relationship.

It is a pity that some people do the law and morality for their own selfish desires, and do things that make the public unspoken.

For example, Wang Ling, a young girl in the text, was pregnant under unmarried. Without knowing who the child was, she gave birth to the child.

So, what kind of story happened to Wang Ling, causing her to do the absurd things like two boyfriends at the same time?Who is Wang Ling’s child’s father?

Incident review: Young women have two boyfriends at the same time, but after pregnancy, they do not know the child’s biological father: the time interval is too close.

Wang Ling is 26 years old. He came to work in Taiyuan a few years ago. Wang Ling, who was first in Taiyuan, was in his early 20s. He was at a youthful and tender age. She wanted to rely on her own efforts to have her own home in Taiyuan.It is practical and full of energy every day.

However, the ideal is plump, and the reality is cruel. Because Wang Ling has no education, the salary she has worked is not high, which has caused her to work for several years.It also made her feel that a girl was too lonely in the city, so she germinated the mind of finding a boyfriend.

At this moment, Wang Ling met Yang Peng (a pseudonym) who also worked hard in Taiyuan. Although Yang Peng was an ordinary working family, but fortunately, he was stable and positive.Warm boyfriend.

Wang Ling enjoys Yang Peng’s subtle care like a spring breeze, but deep in her heart, if she let her live with Yang Peng for a lifetime, her heart is still very hesitant, because such a day is too flat. At a glanceLooking at the end, for Wang Ling, who looks beautiful and extraordinary, is a bit unwilling.

Later, under an accidental opportunity, Wang Ling met Li Youfu (a pseudonym) who did business. Li Youfu was more than 40 years old and grew more than Wang Ling. He was the owner of a company and had a lot of assets.

Wang Ling couldn’t help but glance at successful people like Li Youfu, while Li Youfu was excited about the youthful and beautiful Wang Ling, and then launched a fierce pursuit. In the process of pursuing Wang Ling, Li Youfu claimed that he was busy because he was busy because he was busy.Career, I have never found an object, which has led to delay to the present. Although relatives and friends have introduced him a lot of objects, none of them can satisfy him until Wang Ling’s appearance, so he was sure that this was what he was looking for.people.

Li Youfu’s overbearing presidential confession and flowing gift bombardment, Wang Ling’s vanity has been greatly satisfied. She has always wanted to find a boyfriend with strong economic strength and good to her, and Li Youfu satisfied her.All the fantasies of my boyfriend.

So after knowing Li Youfu for long, Wang Ling agreed to his pursuit and became Li Youfu’s girlfriend, and all this Yang Peng knew.For her boyfriend Yang Peng, Wang Ling did not propose to break up, but alienated him lightly, thinking about finding a suitable opportunity to show up with Yang Peng.

Later, Wang Ling moved to the apartment leased by Li Youfu for her, and lived a lively life.Originally, it was thought that when the story developed, there should be a perfect ending.

Unfortunately, no matter how good the lies were covered, there was a day that was finally revealed.One night, Li Youfu was resting in Wang Ling’s apartment. His mobile phone was constantly shaking, and he didn’t know.Wang Ling got up to check, but found that the word "wife" appeared on the screen. At this time, Wang Ling knew that her pillows were very hidden, obviously married, but they lied to her unmarried, which was really abominable.

Afterwards, Wang Ling asked Li Youfu to say. Li Youfu couldn’t hide the identity of his marriage. He had to tell Wang Ling the fact that he was married, but he explained that his feelings for Wang Ling were true, and he said that he and he followedHis wife has been married for many years, because his wife has no way to have children. The two have long been like passers -by and have no feelings. As long as Wang Ling is willing to give birth to a half daughter for him, he immediately divorces his wife and married Wang Ling.

Li Youfu’s deception made Wang Ling difficult to accept for a while, and there was no way to forgive Li Youfu’s actions, so she quickly moved away from the apartment of the two.

Wang Ling, who is ashamed, does not know where to settle for a while.

At this time, she remembered Yang Peng, and remembered the past love between the two. She couldn’t help but regret it. With complicated mood such as regret and anxiety, Wang Ling called Yang Peng’s phone. I did not expect his love for Wang Ling.As always, Wang Ling helped Wang Ling to move his luggage in front of the saddle, arranging Wang Ling to live in his rental house.

Yang Peng’s carelessness caused Wang Ling’s painful heart to move. That night, under the influence of alcohol, she and Yang Peng had a close relationship.

Shortly after, Wang Ling found that she was pregnant. According to the calculation of time, the day of her pregnancy was before and after the close relationship with Yang Peng. HoweverThe relationship is just one night, it is really difficult to distinguish who the child is.

Just when Wang Ling was distressed by the child’s affairs, Li Youfu came back to find Wang Ling again.Want to see Li Youfu’s reaction.

After learning that Wang Ling was pregnant, Li Youfu was very happy. He immediately said that only Wang Ling gave birth to the child. He would not treat Wang Ling. In order to express his sincerity, Li Youfu immediately transferred Wang Ling for tens of thousands of yuan.The nutritional cost of nutrition allows her to raise her tire at ease.

Seeing that Li Youfu was so generous, Wang Ling’s heart began to shake again. She decided to give birth to the child and marry her after Li Youfu divorced.

However, Li Youfu’s promise of divorce will not be realized immediately. Wang Ling is also afraid that unmarried children will trigger other people’s discussions, so they come up with a wonderful plan.

She told Li Youfu that it would not be a day or two to be able to divorce smoothly, but the child cannot be born without name. It happened that there was a boy named Yang Peng pursuing her., Marry Yang Peng, wait for the child to divorce after giving birth. At that time, Li Youfu also divorced, and the two could be justified.

Li Youfu couldn’t think of other methods, so he had to agree with Wang Ling’s suggestion.

After that, Wang Ling told her boyfriend Yang Peng again. Yang Peng did not doubt him and also showed very happy. He immediately proposed to marry Wang Ling. Soon after the two got married, Wang Ling gave birth to a big big.The fat boy, Yang Peng was very happy for this.

Until Wang Ling gave birth to the child, Li Youfu promised to divorce her promise to marry her. At this time, Wang Ling was awakened. Divorce was just Li Youfu’s right to expedient. The purpose was to drag her to give birth to the child.It is impossible to divorce and marry her, just want her to have a child.

The anger Wang Ling couldn’t swallow it. Although she had learned that the child was Yang Peng through parent -child identification at the time, she still wanted to find Li Youfu for a sum of money to make up for her previous losses and earn a living cost for her children.

For this reason, she called Li Youfu and lied that the child was seriously ill and needed a million to treat it. If Li Youfu did not transfer money, the child would be in danger of life.Coupled with Wang Ling threatened to expose the relationship between the two, fear and worry, Li Youfu had to transfer her one million according to Wang Ling’s request, hoping that she would take good care of her children.

After a few days, Wang Ling told Li Youfu’s children to die because of rescue. Don’t pass by the two. Don’t contact them in the future.

After Wang Ling, Wang Ling canceled the number and blackened Li Youfu, thinking that this was over.

Who knows that Li Youfu did not recover the deceived money, but the card on the stuck was not discovered by Li Youfu’s wife. Under the wife of his wife, Li Youfu had to tell the truth that Li Youfu’s wife listened to it.After his telling, he felt that something was strange and felt that his husband was deceived, so he chose to call the police.

After the incident was corrupted, Wang Ling was eventually sanctioned by the law. After Yang Peng learned that Wang Ling’s two sides, he resolutely asked for divorce. The child’s custody right belongs to Yang Peng.Essence

Page’s point of view:

In this incident, Wang Ling and Li Youfu have received their due retribution. The poorest is Yang Peng and Li Youfu’s wife, who have been covered in the drums, and did not learn the truth of the incident until the incident.

Wang Ling got this end, in the final analysis because of a "greed". She wanted Yang Peng’s care and love, but she disgusted Yang Peng that she could not satisfy her economically.

But she didn’t want to think about it. While she was disliked Yang Peng, she also had to look at her own conditions. Most of the relationship between men and women talked about the door.What is good for Yang Peng?If Yang Peng is really excellent, he may not be able to see her.

Later, she met Li Youfu. Without investigating Li Youfu, she chose to be with the other party with Li Youfu’s words.There may be no targets, and there must be a demon if the thing is abnormal.

I hope that the girls will keep their eyes on. When looking for a boyfriend, they will not only look at the other party, but to see what the other person does.

In the end, Wang Ling paid a painful price because of his greed, and Li Youfu also received the lessons due to derailment in marriage. Li Youfu’s lesson told those who were unfaithful to marriage.I do n’t know if you do n’t do it, many times you will always show your feet as long as you do it.

Everyone thinks Li Youfu and Wang Ling, who is even more abominable?

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