Yunnan Girls’ Girls were raped at school, and the real tragedy behind it was an economic problem

Xiaomeng (16 years old), a girl (16 years old) in Zhaotong, Yunnan Zhaotong, was discovered by the auntie of the dormitory, and finally contacted the school to the hospital and gave birth to a baby boy.

Afterwards, Xiao Meng said that he took the "black car" of his father Cai’s "black car" to school last year, and was raped by him, invading 3 times before and after.

Xiao Meng’s parents worked at home, and her brother worked in a foreign country. Xiao Meng said that she did not dare to tell anyone after being violated. She had been at school, and she did not expect to be pregnant.

The school claims that students’ school uniforms are relatively loose, and no teacher finds that Xiao Meng’s body is different.

Brother Xiaomeng said that he would take a little dream to live in a foreign country, and did not want her to suffer more.

"Severe the murderer, this beast has no human nature …"

Don’t be angry, keep rational!

This kind of speech is only emotional, no logic, and it is not advisable.

The fact that can be determined at present is: the first girl, 16 years old, no one involved before pregnancy, that’s all.

Before the results of the DNA identification came out, we were not sure who had a relationship with Xiaomeng.

Moreover, it is still unknown whether rape.

The DNA appraisal is relatively simple. The difficulty is how rape obtain evidence. Children can only be used as evidence of relationships, and cannot be used as evidence of forced relationships.

Xiaomeng is 14 years old and is no longer a young girl. She has sexual autonomy, so it cannot be ruled out that Xiaomeng is a possibility of voluntary relationship.

From Xiaojian

Most of the cases of sexual assault in news reports have happened in rural areas in recent years. For everyone, everyone knows that sex education is backward, parents are busy with their livelihood, etc., but the real reason behind this is economic backward.

The more developed the economy, the more popular sex education is, the more protected the family and the school provided to the children. At least many children will not become left -behind children.

As for many netizens who criticize Xiao Meng’s parents, they are irresponsible. They do n’t know if they are pregnant for so long. They usually live in school. At least they meet during the Spring Festival?

In fact, do not ignore that parents do not need to examine their parents. Many adults do not know the gender knowledge by themselves, and such parents are a lot in rural areas.

Obviously, Xiao Meng’s parents belong to the failed class of ordinary classes.

Therefore, except for the real criminals, we blame others for no sense. Who should Xiaomeng’s parents drop out early that year?Who should be blamed for school management?

Behind it is the invisible hand played, that is, productive forces, economics, including sex education and minor protection. There are people who need to pay for it behind.

Respect the wishes of Xiao Meng himself

As soon as the news reports, many people have already sentenced them online. Regardless of whether there are real criminals in this incident, Xiao Meng’s own thoughts are the most worthy of considering.

If Xiaomeng chose not to prosecute, I think her family should fully respect her decision, whether or not forced, or never blame.

If Xiao Meng chose to prosecute, it is obvious that the physical evidence is difficult to find, so I hope to find the witnesses that may exist on the day, and try to seek breakthroughs from the periphery.

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