Zeng Youth: The father of the director fell off, and the old lady Wang Ying ended miserable

Wang Ying’s uncle’s contracted project had a quality problem and was taken away for investigation. Wang Ying’s father, the director of the director, was also implicated.My father will definitely be affected, and the officials and merchants that everyone can see can be easily let go.

In the past, the Wang family, who was unable to climb high, is also a sloppy saddle and horse in the gate. The friends who used to call Wang Ying’s front horse and the back of the horse now have no time to answer. They are not avoided by Wang Ying.It was said that when the Wang family had something to do, she changed her face and told Wang Ying euphemistically not to contact Yang Cheng.

At this time, Wang Ying might be ashamed, and the brothers who had once changed their wines now.

The sudden change made Wang Ying see clearly the world’s coolness and warmth. In this dilemma, Wang Ying recognized who was the real friend. Real friends would not step on Wang Ying into the trough and step on.

On the day of the school, the young lady Wang Ying, who took two or three bodyguards with luggage and high toe.It was the last one to go to the dormitory. The shop was occupied. I immediately said that I would like to change the dormitory. I don’t want to sleep on the shop. Fortunately, Xiao Qianxi was willing to change the bed for her before leaving this young lady.

Wang Ying’s personality is a bit cute.

The roommate Xu Lin brought Niu -liver bacteria from his hometown. The old lady Wang Ying was disdainful of eating such things, but when she saw her roommate’s food, Wang Ying couldn’t stand the temptation and joined them.Hepatic bacteria are poisonous, and four people are poisoned

In the school, Wang Ying often mixed with the roommate Xu Lin. Wang Ying, who had a cleanliness, couldn’t bear to go to bed with Xu Lin without taking off his shoes. He often talked to Xu Lin because of this.Although they mixed, they would not be more real, because Wang Ying gradually became open -minded to Xu Lin, and the two became good friends.

Although Wang Ying is a young lady but has no young lady, she is a bit cute.

Xu Lin bought a train ticket home for the New Year, but because it was too late to catch up with the train, he was very anxious.New Year in school.

When Wang Ying heard this, he told Xu Lin very calmly that my driver was going downstairs and asked him to send you to the train station.

When taking a graduation photo, Wang Ying knew that Xu Lin had no flower to send flowers, and deliberately asked Qin Chuan to send her flowers.

Although Wang Ying has cleanliness and does not like others to drink her water. Every time Xu Lin deliberately drinks Wang Ying’s water, he told her not to like it for the first time. He never thought that Xu Lin didn’t want to change.It is also acquiesced in Xu Lin’s approach.

Qin Chuan secretly ran back from Canada back to Beijing because of many years.

After returning to Beijing, Qin Chuan believed that he could not be so deserted for four years. In the past four years, he should do some career and still do nothing after four years.

I happened to meet friends when I was a child. After graduating from a technical school, he now set up a stall to buy pancake fruit, so Qin Chuan wanted to buy pancake fruit together for him, but he wanted to be a little closer to Xie Qiao, so Qin Chuan would beI plan to rent a window in school not only to buy pancakes, but also closer to Xie Qiao.

But it is difficult for people like Qin Chuan to have no relationship nor connected to want to rent a window at school.

At this time, the Wang Ying’s family had not collapsed. She had money and momentum. Seeing Qin Chuan’s difficulties, she seemed to see himself.

So not only did Qin Chuan get the rental window, but also agreed to invest in Qinchuan’s pancake shop.

Xiao Qianxi had a birthday, and Xiao Qianxi, who had always been poor, had no money to make makeup, so Wang Ying gave her a brand. Perhaps Wang Ying’s family was rich, but who’s money was not a strong wind scrapingCome.

When studying abroad, He Xiaozhou, who is also studying abroad, knows that his family situation is not good, and he will buy him something every time.

Seeing Qin Chuan facing the person he likes, he dare not confess, but silently staying next to Xie Qiao, as a friend, which could not help thinking of Wang Ying’s relationship with Yang Cheng.Because the relationship between parents has never dared to get married to the woman they love, just looking for a girlfriend’s main time is to be happy.

So he pretended to be a couple for Qin Chuan, talked about a love, and Qin Chuan also agreed that Wang Ying was a lack of food and food since he was a child.

Since the family is down, friends who used to be alcohol and meat were afraid that they would be dragged and cut off with him.

Qin Chuan’s father went bankrupt and owed 8 million foreign debt.

At this time, there was a problem with the Qin family because Tan Hui died, and Qin Qian had been stunned since then, and was nervous all day.The father of Qin is needed. Qin’s mother took turns watching at home, but Qin’s father also wanted to make some money to subsidize the family but not only did not make money, but lost money. At this time, the family was missing.He was admitted to the hospital.

So Qin Chuan wanted to find Wang Ying for a better ward for his father, but at this time Wang Ying’s family had just happened. It was also the first time that Wang Ying had asked her friends to help.

Unexpectedly, no one answered a phone call. At this time, Wang Cheng just called next to him. The opposite side was immediately answered, and the world was cold.

The relationship between Yang Cheng and Wang Ying has always been a good friend of a confidant. You can say nothing. Yang Cheng will tell Wang Ying if he is with Xie Qiao or ending Wang Ying.The first thing to know is that Yang Cheng already likes Wang Ying just that she hasn’t realized it yet.

The experience of Wang Ying’s family bankruptcy

At the most desperate, Wang Ying called all friends. No one answered, and no one answered Yang Cheng. Even if others were, Wang Ying was a person who had been secretly in love from an early age.Like others, after I heard that after something happened in his family, he immediately cut off.

Unexpectedly, Yang Cheng rushed back immediately after hearing Wang Ying’s family accident. When Wang Ying was still excited Yang Cheng, he finally answered the phone and was about to tell Yang Cheng’s situation at home.And people have arrived under Wang Ying’s house.

With the help of Yang Cheng, Wang Ying went abroad to study abroad. Before leaving, she met Xu Lin who had a good relationship before. Perhaps before leaving, she wanted to confirm whether Xu Lin was the same as those friends she had before.

What really moved Wang Ying was that Xu Lin knew that her family was disappointed, not only did she not come out, but she was happy to be used to her small character.

Xu Lin knew that Wang Ying had a cleanliness. When he saw Wang Ying was about to sit on the ground, he immediately took off his coat and paded his ass and said, "No matter how your family is in my heart, you will always be my young lady","

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