Zhen Huan returned to the palace, the child was suspected, and the situation was dangerous. Why can she still fight against the queen?

The emperor came to the Queen’s palace as a tool person to eat. Originally, the two had had a business conversation with each other.

Who knew that the queen mentioned the twins in Zhen Huan’s belly: Everyone in the palace said that the concubine’s dragon fetus is different from others. The belly is slightly larger.

The emperor was immediately upset and said to the queen: Why do this say this?

The queen said uncomfortably: Although the concubine was in the illness, the palace continued.

The emperor is very unhappy: the queen is worried, but the palace is in the palace, and when there is never a break, if you worry about these unbound words, it is not good for the body.

Your body has never been good. The harem is Duan Fei and Jing Fei for you. They did not listen to these unwanted words. Why should you ignore it?

The emperor was angry at the queen, and he left without finishing the meal.

The queen’s trick provoked the off -line chess.

But why is it clear that Zhen Huan is unknown or not returning to the palace, and he should have to bear a lot of criticism. He raised his hand and suppressed the queen’s breath.

The emperor was so suspicious, why was it easily settled by Zhen Huan?

Although our heroine Zhen Huan finally became the main strength of the palace champion, but to a certain extent, there was no shortage of luck.

For example, in the incident of returning to the palace, Zhen Ye’s twins simply solved more than half of the problems, and perfectly explained the size of the belly and the pregnancy month.

If Zhen Huan was a single child, I am afraid that this level would not be so easy to pass. Even if the emperor was not suspicious, the queen mother would probably not let her go easily.

Therefore, those who are big things really need strength and luck.

Although Zhen Huan knew that she had a twin child, and she knew that the whole harem had gossip, her fetal blood was not pure.

However, Zhen Huan was calm, and he was not in a hurry to issue an announcement.

In this way, the people who eat melon think that Zhen Huan is guilty. After all, if you really do it right and sit up, you will explain a small composition in a small composition?

But Zhen Ye was stable. She knew that the more she was in a hurry to explain, she was anxious to clarify herself, but caused right and wrong.

This is not a chance to come soon, Zhen Ye took advantage of the opportunity to invite the emperor with the emperor’s mother -in -law.

He specifically explained that his belly was pregnant, so his stomach was particularly big, and he temporarily dispelled the doubts of the queen mother and the emperor.

At the same time, he also knows that the emperor and the queen mother should not inform others before their children were born, and they did not want to get more glory by virtue of their children. Such an operation directly killed the emperor.

Many times, if you are not in a hurry, you are in a hurry.

This is not eye -catching Zhen Ye, and the queen couldn’t sit still. When eating with the emperor, she hinted that Zhen Ye’s belly was five months older than normal.

The emperor who had already knew the "truth" was fried at all, and he stunned the queen directly.

I have to say that Zhen Huan is really wonderful. If she is anxious to prove her innocence and tell the fact that she is pregnant, she may not be able to eliminate rumors, and it will attract more red eyes.

Instead, he couldn’t move, calm down, and reversed. Instead, the queen entered the game, causing himself to fishy.

From the second entrance to Zhen Huan, the queen first sent people to repair the Yongshou Palace, misleading others and thought that Zhen Huan Humei took care of the Lord.

He sent his own mouth to the nobleman, spreading the rumors that the child in Zhen Huan’s belly was not the emperor.

But Zhen Ye knew that these long -tongue women slandered herself behind their backs and didn’t care.

Before the emperor, he would not say that the queen and others were right and wrong, but also persuaded the emperor to go to see An Lingrong.

Zhen Ye was gentle and pleasant, and never cared about it.

Don’t think, the emperor must have a natural choice to stand on the side of Zhen Huan.

Zhen Huan’s control of human nature was in place. Since returning to the palace, she knows that the queen will definitely slander her all kinds of parties. In front of the emperor, chewing her tongue and trying to pull her off.

However, Zhen Huan faced calmly. Not only did he not rush to explain, but he never slandered the queen party in front of the emperor. Instead, he occasionally praised the queen party in front of the emperor.

This is the power of Zhen Huan. For the virginity and maliciousness of the queen, she has always been unwilling and generous.

Even when they chewed the roots behind them and said bad things about her, she could laugh and praise them in front of the emperor.

Because Zhen Huan knew that only in this way can stand in front of the emperor, and the emperor will stand unconsciously on her.

And Zhen Huan used the queen’s one party to spend the time of gossip to work hard.

Every time she succeeds, she is a blow to the queen, An Lingrong and others who are jealous of her.

Each perfect resolution crisis is torture for them.

In the end, I had to say that Zhen Huan won the first battle to return to the palace.

Many times, success is the greatest revenge to those who are jealous.

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