Zheng Kai’s wife Miao Miao Guan Xuanhuai’s second child!Drive and go for a check -up by yourself.

Recently, Zheng Kai’s wife Miao Miao announced on his social platform to announce the news of his second child.She posted a post saying, "Although I lose weight during the isolation period, the baby looks very good and feel at ease." She also showed the process of driving her own delivery inspection.

From the video from Miao Miao, she wore a loose pregnant woman’s suit that day, and her lower body was also loose casual pants.It is very obvious.

Miao Miao also showed the process of her inspection, and she was lying on the bed and waiting for the doctor to do a B -ultrasound for her.The doctor told Miao Miao that the child is very healthy now and everything is normal, which also makes Miao Miao very happy.Because the epidemic relationship is not very convenient to go out, she said that if the production inspection is smooth, the next time may not come, because it may not be able to go out again.

After the birth check, Miao Miao also purchased a lot of purchases and bought a lot of snacks to go home.In the evening, Miao Miao felt hungry and started eating snacks. I wanted to come to Miao Miao to wait for two people to eat.

In fact, the second child of Miao Miao has long been a bit clue.Earlier, in the first video of vegetables, Miao Miao’s stomach was a bit bulging, and it might be to keep it secret at the time. In the video, he coded his belly.However, some netizens have seen some signs. The so -called three hundred and two silver in this place, the more codes, the more doubt.In the video at the time, Miao Miao Su Yan could also see a good state.

I believe that Miao Miao who is a mother will have more experience, and Miao Miao is also very concerned about the first baby.In the previous video, I saw the children’s baby book piled up in Miao Miao’s family. As a mother, Miao Miao was patiently accompanied by the baby’s side and reading with her. It is indeed a mother who is a mother.It’s right.

Now I heard that the two had the news of the second child, and I was really happy for Miao Miao.Although the epidemic is separated from two people, Miao Miao has a particularly strong body, and even if one person can take care of himself and the baby.I hope that Miao Miao will take care of her health during pregnancy and look forward to the advent of Erbao.

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