Zheng Shuang exposed Zhang Heng’s derailment.

Is Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng’s incident ushered in a big reversal?On January 23, the media suddenly issued an interview with Zheng Shuang’s father, Zheng Chenghua. He said in an interview that his family never thought about giving up children, and the so -called "abandonment" statement in the previous voice was issued by the communication at that time in the exchange.His overwhelming words, and Zheng Shuang’s father also officially apologized in the interview.

In addition, the interview also revealed that Zheng Shuang could not get pregnant and give birth due to physical reasons, but they did not disclose which physical reasons. Then the "China Business Daily" also issued an interview draft for Zheng Shuang and his mother.Zheng Shuangquan’s family came into battle to refute Zhang Heng?

In some of the evidence provided by the Zheng Shuang’s family in the media, there is a detail about the details of the two children. In the screenshot, you can see that the two children are called "XXKA ZHANG" and "XXNA ZHANG" (to protect the privacy of the child,We will code the full name). From the "surname", the child has not yet gained a Chinese name, and the father’s surname is followed.

In response to the interviews of Zheng Shuang and his mother, Zheng Shuang asked the child’s custody one year ago. To this end, he also specially invited Chinese lawyers to communicate with American lawyers.In addition, the Zheng Shuang family also exposed Zhang Heng’s chat history with the group and Zheng Shuang’s mother after derailment. The record shows that Zhang Heng has been apologizing for forgiveness, and Zheng Shuang’s mother explicitly said that "things happened, thingsBut three "!

Subsequently, the email communicated between lawyers exposed from Zheng Shuang showed that Zheng Shuang was committed to fighting for children’s "custody" as early as a year ago.Go to deal with these things in person, so consult the agent’s question … In addition, Zheng Shuang also demands "coexistence with children."

It can be seen that since the birth of the child, Zheng Shuang has never seen the child’s truth. Media reported that: Children were born in early 2020, and Zheng Shuang has never seen it … then the child has been obviously under Zhang Heng’s "care", soWith the surname of his father, I believe that if Zheng Shuang really won the custody right, he would change his surname?

In fact, if Zheng Shuang responded like this at the beginning, the questioning and attacks in this storm may be a little smaller, but this is only a unilateral statement of Zheng Shuang.Derailled, and as early as a year ago, he strived for a child’s custody right. What would Zhang Heng respond or directly expose more evidence?

The direction of the future incident depends on how Zhang Heng’s party responds.

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