Zhu Dan was suspected of three babies, and his body was abundant. The first two sisters were absent from the first two places.

On April 26, the recent photo of the host Zhu Dan caused netizens to speculate that many people pointed out that her belly was raised and her body was abundant, and she guess whether she had good news.

In a blink of an eye, Zhu Dan and on Monday came from love to getting married, and worked with each other for more than 10 years. Nowadays, the two people have a good child and children, and their babies are cute and lively.

A few days ago, Zhu Dan showed a group of photos to share her dress with everyone.In the picture, she wore a loose yellow dress and placed Pose in the mirror.Although she was loose, her lower abdomen and waist were raised, and the whole person looked bloated a lot, full of pregnancy.

Looking at each set of wearing, Zhu Dan covered his belly tightly, and abandoned the high -heeled shoes that he had loved in the past, and put on sports shoes.

Coupled with the frequency of Zhu Dan’s recent work, she is all enjoying the pictures of life. Many netizens are guessing whether she is pregnant with a third child.

In fact, Zhu Dan is now 41 years old, and she is already an older among pregnant women, and her first two child production is not too smooth.

When the first daughter was produced, the baby couldn’t get out of the time. He just fought hard for 27 hours before giving birth to a child.After giving birth, Zhu Dan suffered from inflammation of the soft ribs and hurts like a needle every day.

In the second child, Zhu Dan did not insist on giving birth, but chose a caesarean section.She couldn’t get up after giving birth, and recovered for a long time.But despite so many hard work and difficulty, when you see two cute babies, everything is worth it.

However, it is worth mentioning that in Zhu Dan’s showing video and even postpartum videos, she never saw her husband accompany and take care of her on Monday.

Zhu Dan also explained that after she had a second child on Monday, her hometown had something to do, so she had to let her take care of the two children alone.

After the second baby grows up, Zhu Dan also said in the video that the child is mainly with the housekeeper with the housekeeping aunt, and rarely mention the name of Monday.

In recent years, because of the attitude of family on marriage on Monday, there have been many controversies, and even Zhu Dan tops the label of "Benedeman".But the feelings of feelings are warm and warm, and now their family often goes out to play. Let’s send blessings!


Author: chestnut

Editor: Cherry

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